I thought I would quickly put up a page to explain what happened with Private Quarters. You might still be able to access my page from PQ but I really don't know how much longer it will be up. You can't order anything from there anyway so there is almost no point in going there.

Lots of people have asked what happened and I don't really know why. What I heard was that investors pulled out because they didn't see the fabulous rate of growth that the company had in the first 5 years or so. I was doing awesome and my impression was that the company was doing well ... just not well enough to continue. I will certainly miss the company and in case you didn't know what they sold it was wonderful, luxurious and fabulous products for your bed, bath and home. They also sold some some nice cozy items to wear for yourself like robes, slippers, nightwear, scarves and more.

I will forever grateful for my short time with the company. I used to be with Sensaria (a skin care and spa product company) until July of 2011. I didn't think Private Quarters would be the perfect fit for me but I was ready to try something new! I loved doing my spa parties and seeing how relaxed and pampered these women would get. I did a very similar thing for with PQ and helping people get a better nights sleep! I gained confidence and experience with Private Quarters that I didn't have with Sensaria. I quickly promoted to "Group Leader" in November 2011 which was just 3 months after I joined PQ! We eventually grew a large team because of a promotion the compnay offered. It was fun but also very hard to deal with as well. Still, it has been fun getting to know these ladies and one guy too! I wish them all the best with whatever they pursue in the future!

One of my most favorite things I did with my Private Quarters income (besides pay for my daughter's preschool!) was donating a portion of my profits to a local charity organization. I picked a different organization each month and it was usually about $50-100. That amount was doubled through my husband's donation matching program. If you are interested in seeing where I donated each month, please check out this note I wrote on Facebook.

I have a few items from Private Quarters left in my inventory. Mostly it was going to be things I would sell at events or use as hostess gifts. Most of it is sold but there are a few items left. If they don't sell then my friends and family will be getting some nice items for Christmas! Here is a spreadsheet with my remaining PQ inventory. Now 50% off! Items do not include shipping if you are not local to me. No sales tax.

If you want to stay in touch and follow me into my new business venture, I have joined another direct sales company called kikaPaprika. It is a line of really comfortable, stylish, eco-friendly women's clothes that are made in the USA! You can also have your item custom dyed into any of their dozen colors they offer every season. This way you can pick your own personal color pallette and design a wardrobe uniquely your own! I will also show you how to add just a few key pieces to your closet and then mix and match them to create about a dozen new looks. They are very well made and will last a long time plus you will get multiple uses just by styling it in different ways. I can't wait to show you and I will start hosting shows and open houses in mid-August 2012. You can host your own kika show and have fun shopping with your girlfriends or you can come over to my home in Bothell, WA and try stuff on. You can only find these clothes through an Independent Fashion Consultant like myself so make sure to contact me for more information!

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